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Better...begins here.


We are facing a crisis on a national and global scale. For decades, our community has needed to refocus and develop a creative approach to developing productive citizens.

As technology continues to advance, our communities are drifting further apart, and we are losing our most precious resources, which are our young adults.

The Art of Impractical Living is the creative spark that our community needs to meet our children where they are while leading them into the future. Our process of reimagining learning is fueled by creativity and intention while removing the process of accidental success.

For decades, we have been practical about teaching our children. With such a high rate of failure, we should now explore an impractical approach.

A woman working with steel
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Our program is designed to go directly into minority communities of color and we will serve as ambassadors for the trade industries. We understand our communities and what it takes to reach the hearts and minds of our youth.


A fresh take on branding and marketing these industries will peak the

interest of the youth.


This generation speaks a completely different language than their parents, politicians and Realestate developers who are proving to be more and more out

of touch with this group.


A fresh approach is needed.

We are that fresh approach.

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YB Empowered is a unique, hands-on workshop opportunity, connecting real world practices and entrepreneur development.


In addition to hands on activities, young aspiring entrepreneurs will learn how to connect with their passions, create a business, understand branding and why it’s important to market their businesses.

The series consist of 3 modules

Up to 2 hours long

Cap at 60 kids per session

Computer Class
Art Class
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ART to HEART is a community healing program designed to infuse the powers of the Arts into the lives of children, adults and

seniors within Charleston & North Charleston.


As we grow we will create a network of partners in all states and countries to mirror our outreach process through four phases.

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We Deliver Exceptional School & Community Food programs! ​

With such a busy schedule most parents do not have the time to cover all the bases. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are 3 key components to fueling a student’s successful day. If breakfast is missed and your student’s lunch option is weak, how are students expected to have enough fuel to become successful? No worries – as long as we are there.

Our company culture is centered around creating great tasting and healthy meals for your students. You will never have to wait on us to be ready, we are always ready, on time and will be waiting on you!



No one else does it like



Professional Chefs
Smiling Teenage Boy

 The Man Academy is a unique, hands-on workshop opportunity for boys from the ages of 8 years old to 20 years

old to connect real world practices while developing the tools needed for them to become ethical & competent men.

In addition to hands on activities, young boys will learn how to connect with their passions, learn how to

manage themselves along with building their households.


We will address the needs for fresh, affordable and accessible foods 

within our community.  

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Smiling Girl
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We are living in an unprecedented time! We are all struggling to develop a new norm. But our youth need an outlet! BAWSE GIRLS is an innovative program that empowers young ladies with tools to forge self-esteem, self-respect, self-worth and help develop positive attitudes in setting and accomplishing goals. This 8-week program implements workshops that develops young ladies that are Brilliant, Ambitious, Worthy, Strong & Educated! Each participant will receive BAWSE GIRLS branded gear including: t-shirt, program workbooks, journals, and  drawstring bags. Each session will host special guests that are specialists in the weeks' topic. Making a difference is mandatory, and we welcome your assistance.

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