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Return of The King: The Rising Legacy of Okeeba Jubalo

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

November 2020

Okeeba Jubalo, a prominent fine artist and exceptional businessman, has worked tirelessly to turn the Atlanta art scene into an elevating, vibrating scene of cultural beauty.

"I did it with ethics and morals, the right way. I did not make a mockery out of my people and our struggle."

Okeeba Jubalo, a prominent fine artist and exceptional businessman, has worked tirelessly to turn the Atlanta art scene into an elevating, vibrating scene of cultural beauty. He is doing this through not only the creation of his own fine art, but through serving others and helping to create a lane for other artists in the industry. Jubalo continues to raise the bar year after year. There is no ceiling to what Jubalo can do as an artist, businessman, and leading activist in his community of Atlanta, Georgia. Black artists who reside in Atlanta, often referred to as the "Black Mecca of the South," have significant trouble promoting their art and collectively working with other artists. One of the biggest challenges about being a Black artist in Atlanta "is having sound, ethical, skilled, and creative people within the leadership sector. Atlanta isn't short on talented artists; the issue of leadership has created more problems than answers," Jubalo says. "From the non-profit to the local government spaces, our artists simply do not have competent voices and hands speaking and moving on our behalf." Almost three decades of artistry experience have helped Jubalo improve the Atlanta art scene within his space. His efforts to enhance Atlanta's art scene have proven beneficial for numerous Black artists, as he uses his premier branding agency, NobleSol Art Group, to promote other artists' works in the industry.



Jubalo is a leading pioneer for Black artists in the city of Atlanta. He has executive directed, curated, and has been featured in several high-profile art exhibitions within Atlanta and beyond. Many people frequent his art exhibitions because of the authenticity, cultural morale, and gripping impact of his craftsmanship. He is seen most often as a three-fold artist, telling stories in the form of fine art, spoken word, and music. However, his story is much deeper than what meets the eye. Jubalo has taken on a significant role as a Black man in America to tell his story and speak out on the plight against other Black men in America. There has been a significant awakening amongst Black Americans and white allies this year. Black Americans are mobilizing and protesting for their right to live freely without being seen as a threat to society. With the killing of George Floyd, at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer, and the brutal attack on Jacob Blake, who was shot in the back seven times by a white police officer, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has sparked national outrage and protest across all 50 states. For several years, Jubalo has used his voice and his art to speak up for Black Americans who are severely oppressed. "I did not set out to be an activist or a celebrity by any stretch of the imagination," Jubalo says. "The establishment of 'Black Activism' tends to shy away from me because I am too brutally honest about what it means to be Black in America and what is needed for us to get free."



Many qualities distinguish Jubalo from the next artist or businessman. Jubalo consistently pushes the culture forward for Black people's advancement, most notably through his businesses. Jubalo is a serial entrepreneur of several successful business ventures: Founder and CEO of NobleSol Art Group, CEO of Young Black Entrepreneur (YBE) Magazine, founder of The Atlanta Exhibition, founder of The Wolfpack Interns, and the list continues. Jubalo has pooled from his resources to create a space for other intellectuals to embark on extraordinary change. Amid his sixth year of building YBE Magazine, his platform has given Black entrepreneurs the space to highlight their achievements and propel their careers beyond measure. Juablo says, "We have featured over 500 small Black business owners over the last seven years. My branding and marketing agency, NobleSol Art Group, helped build hundreds of Black-owned businesses across America."

Jubalo's legacy is becoming a cultural phenomenon, and he is taking his career to new heights. He's moving in spaces that allow him to push the culture forward, provide more economic opportunities for the Black men and women, while carving his name in cement while doing it. "I did it with ethics and morals, the right way. I did not make a mockery out of my people and our struggle," he says. As an independent business owner, he prides himself on helping several other individuals, college students, and other business owners gain traction with their careers and businesses.

It's no secret that Jubalo is an extremely skilled individual who goes above and beyond whatever is being asked of him. He is an admirable man due to his courage, activism, and artistry. As he embarks on a new level of success, he says, "Every door that I came in, I walked in on my feet, as a man. My grade of Black Man isn't liked by everyone because I refuse to be less than who I am as a means to get in the door. To hell with 'their' door because I worked and fought to build my own house within my own community."

As a businessman, Jubalo has successfully organized and mobilized colleges, community programs, and organizations. His leadership and work ethic are unmatched. "We have very strong plans to roll out our YBE internship and entrepreneurship programs within the local [Atlanta] school systems," he says. "My art is a different situation. We have some major plays happening around my Fine Art. Honestly, the train is catching steam, and I would have to write an entire book to tell you all of what should be expected."

Economic empowerment, giving back to college students, and helping Black businesses sustainably grow is where Jubalo's passions proves to be most viable. The value that he has brought to Atlanta, and the ability to execute his plan to create a better community has led him to entertain the idea of becoming Atlanta's next mayor.

Jubalo is a man of honorable character, who's ambition has led him to elite spaces; he says, "I don't have goals, I have plans, and they are very BIG. I am still thinking about running for Mayor of Atlanta next year, not completely sold on the idea yet. I will make a decision by the top of the year." Dominating in one field can be challenging, yet rewarding, but dominating in several fields makes you a badass. Jubalo continues to dominate in every field because he serves the people with a noble and honest heart.

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